About Me

I don’t know which one I dread the more, writing social media bios or constructing about me pages. Admittedly, I do love to talk about myself but in these types of settings I always find it challenging figuring out where to start. OK, I guess we can start with the basic specs:

About Me | Glamrika.com

Name: Erika

Age: 22

Sign: Leo

City: Chicago

Now if we are basing my whole existence on my zodiac sign and being a millennial living in a urban metropolises, I feel like that would make me seem pretty basic. Alright – I’ll dig a bit deeper (to humor you all I guess…)

Growing up, the saying “a women should look good wherever she goes” was brought up at every family occasion, so my love for aesthetic and beauty steamed early on. Unfortunately, dealing with the traumas of being a foster child and navigating the moody pre-teen phase of my life led me hide behind my insecurities. It was not until mid-high school that I began to really branch out and explore all elements of beauty (hair, makeup, nails and skincare) in an effort to construct the ideal image of myself, the Erika I knew deep down existed behind all of my insecurities and fears.

About Me | Glamrika.com

As my confidence grew and my techniques improved, it did not take long for people to take notice. Family, friends and strangers on Michigan Ave alike all began to ask me for tips, tricks and advice on makeup, skincare and natural hair care. This is how #GlamRika was born. This blog acts as a central location for my best advice. Pop a squat, grab some snacks, read along and sk as many questions as you need to. Consider me the beauty obsessed friend you never knew you needed (until now!)