About Me

As A Makeup Artist:

I am currently working as a self taught, freelance makeup artist who’s humble beginnings started out as a simple hobby. My passion for trying new cosmetic products and makeup trends, soon inspired me to pursue makeup artistry as a career option. Having worked on models for runway events and photoshoots, I know how to make every client look photo ready. IMG_5317

As A Blogger:

I have always turned to the blogging community to for pretty much anything. From beauty hacks to healthy career habits. The blogging community has played such a key role in expanding my own knowledge on subjects that interested me that I decided to give it a try for myself. Honestly, I love it and I’m upset with myself for not writing sooner!

#GlamRika focuses heavily on makeup looks, makeup trends and product reviews. On occasion I may throw in a splash of fashion (but I am no where near a fashion blogger!) and a bit of lifestyle articles as well.

This is the start of my blogging journey, but a journey none the less. Along the way I hope to improve on my writing and my makeup artistry but ultimately I hope to inspire others to work on their hobbies and channel their passions.

Aside from writing on my blog, I also manage my YouTube channel as well as working as a freelance makeup artist. If you are in the Chicago land area, and interested in booking me to style you for your next event, click here to contact me and set up a appointment.