#MOTD | Pink and Monochromatic

#MOTD Pink & Monochromatic | glamrika.com

Good morning and happy Monday! I am starting off the week highly organized, but also extremely sleepy. Looks like the only way I am going to get through this busy day is through a couple sips of coffee.

Anywhooo – I have a new makeup look for you all. It is a pink monochromatic look inspired by (and created with) the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. As we head into spring, this has been my go to makeup look lately. Keep reading for all of the details.


Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow in “Ebony”. Too clean things up, I used the LA Girl Pro concealer (also makes a great brow bone highlight)


Urban Decay primer potion and Loreal True Match foundation in “nut brown c7” were used as my eye shadow base. Using the Sweet Peach palette, I placed the shade “summer yum” in the crease. “Candied peach” is packed on all over the lid and “peaches n; cream” is placed on the prow bone to set the concealer. The inner corner highlight is courtesy of some random Too Faced glitter that I received a while ago.


I Primed my face using the Too Faced hangover primer (check out my review here). Next I mixed the Urban Decay all nighter foundation in “11.0” with the Loreal foundation used earlier and applied the mixture with a damp beauty sponge. The concealer used to highlight my under eyes, bridge of my nose, cupids bow and chin is the Becca Cosmetics aqua concealer in “warm honey”. I then set all of the concealer with my fav – Laura Mercier translucent powder.  I contoured my face with the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit in “medium – tan”. My highlight is from the Nars unfiltered cheek palette in the shades “watch me” and “me first” and blush is from the Tarte x Makeup Shayla contour palette.

#MOTD Pink and Monochromatic | glamrika.com


Katvond  liquid lipstick in “Lolita”


Easily on of my favorite makeup looks because of how simple it is.


A Holy Grail Primer For Dry Skin?

Hello to all my flaky faced friends! Nothing ruins makeup more than dry patches and eczema spots. It is so annoy to pile on product after product only to have your face looking caky and dusty. Lately, this has been my reality, so I have been on the hunt trying new products to alleviate the problem.

Holy Grail Primer for Dry Skin? | glamrika.com

Admittedly, the Too Faced Hangover primer was an impulsive purchase, but truthfully I never thought about switching primers until I saw it hanging on the “beauty on the fly” counter before checkout. This product claims to be a replenishing face primer that is formulated to nourish the skin using coconut water, probiotic ingredients and no silicones. Having no silicones in a primer that is meant for dry skin is fantastic because silicones can make your dry patches look caky and textured.

After trying out the Hangover primer for myself, I noticed the creamy consistency of the primer glides unto the skin and dries to a light weight, tacky yet dewy finish. I feel like the tackiness gives your foundation something to grip instead of sinking directly into your skin and settling into the fine lines of your face. My skin does not feel tight once the primer has dried which is very important to me. I want my primer and moisturizer to be teammates not evil twins.

Holy Grail Primer for Dry Skin? | glamrika.com
Now lets clear up some confusion – this product is a primer, not a moisturizer and I would NOT recommend skipping your moisturizer and using this product as a substitute. It is not THAT hydrating. It gets the job done, and it blurs fine lines and pore without all of the cakyness that other primers have to offer.

All in all I would give this product 4/5 stars. The primer lives up to its statements and does not perform poorly, but its not perfect. When I run out there is no guarantee that I will be sprinting to Sephora to grab another batch. It is good enough until something else comes along…. whatever that is.


Josie Maran Skin Care Review | For Eczema Prone Skin

Josie Maran Skin Care Review | For Eczema - glamrika.com

It has been a while since I wrote about skincare. If you have been a avid reader of my blog, you may remember my post about my skincare journey, where I opened up to you all about my severe eczema condition. Since then, I have been 100% on top of my game with treating my skin, but flare ups still happen on occasion. With the ever changing weather in Chicago, and working next to a dry, hot heater in the office, my eczema has been relentless.

Whenever your flare ups are getting worse, even when you have a pretty bomb skincare routine, it usually means its time to switch things up. Originally I was going to head over to Lush Cosmetics on Michigan, but figured it would be easier to head over to Sephora, located down the street from my office (dangerous I know).

Josie Maran Skin Care Review | For Eczema

At four products total, the purchase was only two items. The first, being the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter and the second being the Josie Maran Argan Skincare Ritual Kit which comes with a oil cleanser, the argan oil and a sunscreen moisturizer.

The skincare ritual set is designed to hydrate and nourish all skin types, with a special concentration on sensitive skin.

Josie Maran Skin Care Review | For Eczema - glamrika.com

Step one is to cleanse with the Josie Maran Argan cleansing oil. According to the box, the cleansing oil is self heating and will melt away any dirt and makeup on the skin. You apply it dry, and rub it all over your face, slowly adding water into the mixture until it gets a milky consistency. Continue to message and rinse.

Pros: It gives my face a deep clean without feeling stripped OR super oily. Also, the smell is pretty divine.

Cons: The bottle, I wish it came with a pump. Also, if you are not careful with washing the  oil off of your face you will notice a sticky residue.

josie maran 7

Step two is to nourish your skin with the Josie Maran 100% pure Argan Oil.

Pros: The deep penetration into the skin that the light-weight yet thick oil brings. I notice when I press the oil into the corners of my nose (a eczema problem area) the dry and flaky skin is eliminated.

Cons: None! This is probably my favorite skin oil to date.

Josie Maran Skin Care Review | For Eczema - glamrika.com

Step 3 is to protect your skin with the Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. Truthfully, I do not know a single thing about SPF or sun screen. For a long time I drank the koolaid and believed that people of color did not need to worry about the harmful effects of sun damage. I now realize I was wrong, and having this sun screen moisturizer in the kit was a big selling point for me.

The main thing I do know about sun screen is that when applied with makeup, it can leave a awful flash-back glow making you look like a ghost. I have yet to test my theory with this moisturizer. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so how do you combat it? Skincare is my priority over makeup and I want to fit this product into my regimen.

Pros: n/a

Cons: n/a

Josie Maran Skin Care Review | Eczema Skin - glamrika.com

Lastly, I slather my face with the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter. For my dry, flaky skin, a whipped buttery consistency is literally what I needed most. The first day using this product I knew it had the juice just by the way my makeup application went. Honey it was soo smooth! Not a single drop of foundation settled into my frown lines nor did my skin feel tight or look cakey throughout the day. As you can tell by my enthusiasm – I am very excited about this product, but nothing is perfect so it has some cons as well.

Cons: This moisturizer does not work well with the 100% argan oil. It is suggested to follow up with the oil after applying the moisturizer, but I notice that when I try that method everything starts pealing off of my face. It is best to apply the oil to your face while its a bit damp and then follow up with the moisturizer right after.

If anything, I can see the oil cleanser potentially becoming a staple product in my skincare regimen. As far as the other products, it is still too soon to tell.

Thanks for reading and please – I would love if someone could give me some feedback on the SPF issue.


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#MOTD | Tangerine Glow

Coming by to show you all a makeup look real quick.

Every time I wear this knit sweater dress I have to do a orange makeup look. My brows turned out BANGING (thanks to a new routine I have been doing) but I am not sold on the lip color. If ya’ll have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section below. I am awful and picking out the right lippie, but I am working on it!

#MOTD - Tangerine Glow | Glamrika.com


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dip brow pomade in “Ebony”

I cleaned up the brows with LA Girl – Pro Concealer in “Warm Honey”


Shades “Burnt Orange”, “Realgar”, and “Cyprus Umber” from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance were used to deepen the crease.

I did a half cut crease using EM Cosmetics concealer to carve out the lid. From there, I used two shimmer shades from the Morphie 35W palette for the inner and outer lid. J.Cat Beauty eyeshadow in the shade “Tangerine Light” was used in the center.

#MOTD - Tangerine Glow | Glamrika.com


With Too Faced Hangover primer as my base, I applied the Loreal True Match foundation in the shade “nut brown c7” with a beauty blender.

Under eye highlight courtesy of Becca Cosmetics – Aqua Luminous concealer in “warm honey”and set with Laura Mercier – translucent powder.

Cream contour with Nars – radiant creamy concealer in  “cacao” and set the the Anastasia Beverly Hills – contour kit (kit in the shade medium – tan).

Cream blush from Josie Maran Cosmetics in “Berry Bliss”

Highlight from the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit used earlier.

#MOTD - Tangerine Glow | glamrika.com


Stila Cosmetics liquid lipstick in “Bacca”

How are we feeling about the lip – Yay or Nay?



Beam Your Way Into Spring |9 Highlighters to try, like NOW

“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” – Andrea Dykstra

Happy Wednesday, and happy National Women’s Day, to all of my girl bosses, hustlers, house wives, mamas and students. Isn’t it an amazing feeling to be the backbone of real change? I swear as women, everything we touch just glows, but sometimes we have trouble giving ourselves that “Hi, I’m the best who ever did it” beam. Thankfully, on the 8th day, God invented highlighter so that our inner queen could shine through on the high points of our cheeks, brow bone and anywhere else we choose to place the product really.

With spring damn near here, every cosmetic line under the sun is poppin out with a new highlighter, or two or three… My list below features high end, drug store, and indie makeup brands to help you decide which highlighter best suites your own personal glow-up.

Kylie Cosmetics

Kylighter | glamrika.com

On February 28th the 18 year old entrepreneur launched the next product line for her cosmetic brand. The 6 Kylighters (that are currently sold out as usual) offer a variety of shades with a silky consistency that is formulated to sink into the skin. At $22USD a pop, they better be pretty pigmented too, or else we will have some problems.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

ABH Highlighter | Glamrika.comABH is know for having amazing brow products, and even better collaborations. This time around, the cosmetic brand teamed up with beauty blogger Nicole Guerrero to make one of the prettiest highlighter kits yet. The peachy, pink tented Nicole Glow Kit goes perfectly with the 2017 makeup trends at the moment. Admittedly, I was less than thrilled for this launch, because I had owned (AND RETURNED) The Ultimate Glow Kit. In short, the flaky formula was difficult to work with and I found no use for it in my makeup collection. Now the reviews on this product have been pretty positive. Considering that you are getting 6 highlighter shades for $40USD, I would be willing to purchase this product and give ABH highlighters another go.


Pixie Highlighter | glamrika.comThe Target brand cosmetic line is coming for blood (and our coins) with their new Strobe & Bronze set. Formulated for a soft and sheer sun kissed glow, the 3 highlighter shades and the 3 bronzer shades are meant to add warmth and dimension to the face. At $20USD for the palette, I say this one could be a silent steal. I have yet to try any of the Pixi Cosmetic products, but I have heard exceptional things about the skincare line. I am hoping that their makeup is just as marvelous.

Colourpop Cosmetics

Colourpop Highlighters | glamrika.com

Colourpop is literally the indi-beauty queen. Each new product line keeps ups on our toes, and their new highlighter trios are no different. There are 3 trio sets total, and each combination is catered to a specific skin tone (fair, medium & deep) at $22usd/set. 

Too Faced

Too Faced Highlighter | glamrika.comOn January 10th, straight from the horses (or co-founders) mouth, Too Faced Cosmetics co-founder Jerrod Blandico posted this picture of three heart shaped highlighters on his personal instagram, due to release Thursday, March 9th. With its uber exclusive liquid to powder formula (discovered in Italy) keeping the pearl texture floating in the powder, The Love Light prismatic highlighters will blast off of your cheekbones from every angle.
These highlighters are also arriving in three shades to complement all skin tones (so we hope). Reviews on this product are limited. I guess we won’t know for ourselves until we spend that $30USD.

Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier Highlighter | glamrika.comLaura must have also gotten hip to the prismatic highlighter wave, because they just dropped their limited edition, Lightstruck Glow Palette as a Sephora exclusive product (#gasp). The 5 cream based highlighters are described as having a sheer and light weight formula that blends easily. Us dry skinned people may enjoy this product to the alternative powder highlighters, assuming we are ok with the $52USD price tag.

Kat Von D.

The Alchemist Holographic Palette may not be as new as the other highlighters on this list, but it is just as exclusive. I personally feel like Kat Von D set the trend for prismatic highlighters back when this product launched in December. The one of a kind formula provides a silky texture that illuminates in all lighting. Although I am not the biggest fan of the color choices, this palette still offers a funky twist to traditional (and lately predictable) highlighters. 


Milani Highlighter | Glamrika.comFirst of all, the Instant Glow Powder from Milani comes in 7 shades for $1oUSD a pop (zammnnn zaddyyy!). Intended for a warm and subtle glow, the highlighter claims to be very buildable if you are a “Shine Bright Like A Diamond” type of chick. That alone, is a pretty bomb selling point to me. 

Huda Beauty

Luda Beauty Highlighter | glamrika.com

If you follow beauty blogger Huda Kattan on snapchat, then you have been in tune with all of the hype she has been creating around her new makeup project. Finally the word is out, and Huda Beauty will be releasing two 3D Highlighter Palettes in April for $45USD. The palette comes equipet with a cream highlight, a bronzer and a blush.

Ugh, I seriously wish money grew on trees so I could buy them all. Since I’m too particular about which highlighter to choose, it may be a while before I snag one of these. Which ones do you have your eyes on? Or did you go with a different brand not listed here?


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#WAKEUP | What You Missed in February

Welcome back to another segment of, #WAKEUP | What You Missed, here on the blog. This time, we are tackling February and all of the content you may have missed while you were out celebrating Black History Month, or going on dates with your partner in crime.

1. 5 Reasons to Break Up With Your Foundation

With so much Valentine’s love floating in the air, I took on a difficult topic, breaking up with a product you may be falling for. It is never easy to let go, but hopefully these 5 reasons will help you find the good in goodbye.

2. #MOTD | Playing With Color

All good things come with practice. Using a Morphe 35B Color Glam Palette, I attempted to let my imagination take control in a effort to create a look that was unique to my regular makeup style. Check out the post to view more inspiration pictures.

#MOTD | glamrika.com

3. Soft Glam Valentine’s Day Tutorial

My goal for 2017 is to expand on my barely existent YouTube channel. In honor of the holiday, I created a makeup look inspired by love. When you watch the tutorial, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. Who knows, I may have to reward ya’ll one day…

4. Date Night Makeup Collab

For this YouTube tutorial, I teamed up with the Branded Royalty founder Ruby Brown to create versatile date night looks for any occasion. My makeup skills combined with Ruby’s eye for jewelry made for a pretty informative tutorial that I think any person could learn something from.

5. Modern Mod Editorial Shoot

Lastly, I shared with you all the makeup looks I created for my 1st ever editorial photo shoot! More inspiration photos in the post.

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection | glamrika.com

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Now serious question – what do we want to see on the blog for March?


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Modern Mod | My 1st Editorial Makeup Shoot

Hey everyone!

The past couple of weeks I have been putting more effort into my freelance makeup artist hustle. As much as I adore applying makeup to my own face, there is something exciting about overcoming the challenge of doing makeup on other people.

The photos featured below will be placed in my portfolio section of the blog. Inspired by the wardrobe stylist, Tiara Chameleon, and her 1984V vintage clothing collection, I wanted the look to be edgy but simple. Thank God for the iconic Twiggy with her deep dark crease, and stringy black lashes. While playing on that past, the full fro’s and landscape give the looks a modern twist.

Wardrobe Stylist: Tiara Chameleon

Photographer: Courtney Wright

Model: Katrice Henry

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection | glamrika.com

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection | glamrika.com

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection | glamrika.com

Originally using a felt tip liquid liner, I found it easier to use a cream based product to outline the crease and create the false black bottom lashes.

Model: Erica Renee

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection | glamrika.com

Erica’s mono lids posed a challenge at first, but I decided to play it safe, keep the eye shadow minimal and play up the eyes with bold, long, false lashes instead.

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection | glamrika.com

Model: Ashley

Modern Mod x 1984V Collection | glamrika.com

I gave Ashley a pop of red eye shadow in the outer v of her cut crease look.

Feedback on anything I post is always appreciated! I hope to present more editorial inspired makeup looks in the future.


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