46 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

46 Beauty Blog Post Ideas | GLAMRIKA.COM

The start of this new year came with a great wave of creativity. This new found inspiration has helped me to plan future blog post that I will soon be sharing with you all here, on glamrika.com. I have never been one to not share the love with you all. Below you will find a list of categories, as well as possible blog topics to accompany them. My goal for this blog post is to hopefully spark some inspiration within yourself to generate amazing beauty blog content for years to come.


  • Hair trends for Spring
  • Hair trends for Summer
  • Nail trends for Summer
  • Makeup trends for Spring
  • Makeup trends for Summer
  • Makeup trends for fall
  • Skincare technology – what is next?
  • Skincare trends for 2018
  • How will the beauty community evolve?
  • Instagram makeup trends for 2018
  • Youtube makeup trends for 2018
  • Celebrity makeup trends for 2018


  • Makeup I REFUSE to buy
  • Makeup I want to try
  • Makeup Brands I refuse to support
  • My favorite eyeshadow palettes
  • My favorite everyday lipsticks
  • My favorite vampy lipsticks
  • My favorite skincare mask under $___
  • The best IG beauty bloggers
  • My favorite Youtube Beauty Guru’s
  • Beauyt essentials you need to pack for your next trip
  • What’s in my gym makeup bag
  • What’s in my makeup bag
  • Minimalist makeup essentials
  • My favorite makeup brushes

Top 9 Best in Beauty | GLAMRIKA.COM

DIY’s / How To’s

  • How to find the best nail polish for your skin tone
  • DIY skincare mask
  • DIY hair mask
  • How to curl your hair like a champ
  • How to decorate your vanity
  • How to deep clean your eyeshadow palettes
  • How to deep clean your lipsticks
  • How to clean your makeup brushes
  • How to find your foundation shade
  • How to find the best foundation for your skin type
  • How to deep clean your hair styling tools
  • How to budget for high end makeup purchases


  • Makeup of the day look
  • Skincare mask of the week
  • Why I started beauty blogging
  • Celeb beauty muse and why
  • Makeup challenges
  • Start a beginners makeup series
  • Start a pro makeup series (for people who are already great at makeup and want to challenge themselves and become better)

Let us all get to writing and creating the best content we possibly can this year. Wishing all of my fellow girl bosses, beauty bloggers, makeup mavens and content creators the best of luck!




The REAL Way I Manage My Face Eczema

How I REALLY Manage My Face Eczema

As many of you may already know, my love (well obsession really) for all things beauty was cultivated when I broke out with a horrific rash back in 2013. I always had mild eczema on my face and dry skin from head to toe, but this rash somehow caused my inflammatory skin condition to explode and takeover my entire body patch by patch.

Yes, it was a dark time. Since then I’ve tried all types of products and techniques to manage my eczema and keep my skin feeling plump, hydrated and glowing. I finally have a nighttime routine worth sharing with you all since I have seen major results since using every product used in the video tutorial below.

I do want to note that I do the bulk of my skincare at night so I can save time in the morning (I am not a morning person AT ALL).

All information is linked in the description box of the video. 

Before you head out of this post, leave a comment below about what you use to hydrate your skin. I am always on the hunt for products that are going to improve my skin.

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The Cleansing Oil To Replace All Cleansing Oils

All great beauty blog post start with a shopping trip, and this one is no different. The day before Christmas Eve, while I was supposed to be out grabbing any last minute gifts for my loved ones, I somehow found myself inside of Sephora browsing the skincare section.

Backstory – I have eczema and it is not a mild case. Read up on my skincare journey here.

Because of this, I am always on the hunt for quality skincare products that can hydrate my skin and help it retain moister over time.The Cleansing Oil To Replace All Cleansing Oils | GLAMRIKA.COM

The sales associate that I had the pleasure of speaking with, is the skincare expert for the store. He explained to me that double cleansing with an oil based cleanser at night could really help my skin retain moister over time. In the past, I have used the Jose Marin oil cleanser and sampled other brands as well. Even though I was a fan of the concept, the oil always seemed too thick and globby and I never felt like my skin was as clean as it could be. Homeboy assured me that Biossance could offer me different results.

In it’s origin, Biossance started out as a third party distributer of Squalane. According to the Biossance website, “Squa-lane comes from Squa-lene…Squalene is part of our skin’s natural moister”. Because of its unstable nature, as we get older our Squalene production decreases. Biossances cultivates their squalane from sugarcane making it 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable. The best part is that all Biossances products contain their Squalane, including their cleansing oil.

The Cleansing Oil To Replace All Cleansing Oils | GLAMRIKA.COM

The Biossance cleansing oil is full of antioxidants and formulate to remove your makeup and clean your face. The first thing I noticed about this oil that set it apart from others is how thin it felt. The thin consistency of the oil provided it with way more slip than others I have tried in the past making it that much easier to work the product into my face and break down my makeup. Upon the first use I noticed instantly that my face truly felt clean and supple without a thick film of oil residue left on my face. My favorite part of the cleansing experience is how my Sunday Riley U.F.O oil serum felt on my skin shortly after washing with the cleansing oil. Like no joke, the serum just slipped right into my skin and everything felt like butter. As usual, I followed up with my favorite moisturizer and again, there was so much slip and my skin felt like butter. My face felt so smooth, supple, plump and hydrated and I really do have Biossance to thank for that.

I’ve been using the cleansing oil for a good 3 weeks now consistently and I have noticed that my skin is retaining more moisture (especially in this cold weather we got going on in Chicago. Last week we were in the negatives!). Only time will tell if it is worth it in the long run, but for now the cleansing oil is doing all that it advertises it can do.

Is this your first time hearing about Biossance or are you a fan on the brand?

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Josie Maran Skin Care Review | For Eczema Prone Skin

Josie Maran Skin Care Review | For Eczema - glamrika.com

It has been a while since I wrote about skincare. If you have been a avid reader of my blog, you may remember my post about my skincare journey, where I opened up to you all about my severe eczema condition. Since then, I have been 100% on top of my game with treating my skin, but flare ups still happen on occasion. With the ever changing weather in Chicago, and working next to a dry, hot heater in the office, my eczema has been relentless.

Whenever your flare ups are getting worse, even when you have a pretty bomb skincare routine, it usually means its time to switch things up. Originally I was going to head over to Lush Cosmetics on Michigan, but figured it would be easier to head over to Sephora, located down the street from my office (dangerous I know).

Josie Maran Skin Care Review | For Eczema

At four products total, the purchase was only two items. The first, being the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter and the second being the Josie Maran Argan Skincare Ritual Kit which comes with a oil cleanser, the argan oil and a sunscreen moisturizer.

The skincare ritual set is designed to hydrate and nourish all skin types, with a special concentration on sensitive skin.

Josie Maran Skin Care Review | For Eczema - glamrika.com

Step one is to cleanse with the Josie Maran Argan cleansing oil. According to the box, the cleansing oil is self heating and will melt away any dirt and makeup on the skin. You apply it dry, and rub it all over your face, slowly adding water into the mixture until it gets a milky consistency. Continue to message and rinse.

Pros: It gives my face a deep clean without feeling stripped OR super oily. Also, the smell is pretty divine.

Cons: The bottle, I wish it came with a pump. Also, if you are not careful with washing the  oil off of your face you will notice a sticky residue.

josie maran 7

Step two is to nourish your skin with the Josie Maran 100% pure Argan Oil.

Pros: The deep penetration into the skin that the light-weight yet thick oil brings. I notice when I press the oil into the corners of my nose (a eczema problem area) the dry and flaky skin is eliminated.

Cons: None! This is probably my favorite skin oil to date.

Josie Maran Skin Care Review | For Eczema - glamrika.com

Step 3 is to protect your skin with the Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. Truthfully, I do not know a single thing about SPF or sun screen. For a long time I drank the koolaid and believed that people of color did not need to worry about the harmful effects of sun damage. I now realize I was wrong, and having this sun screen moisturizer in the kit was a big selling point for me.

The main thing I do know about sun screen is that when applied with makeup, it can leave a awful flash-back glow making you look like a ghost. I have yet to test my theory with this moisturizer. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so how do you combat it? Skincare is my priority over makeup and I want to fit this product into my regimen.

Pros: n/a

Cons: n/a

Josie Maran Skin Care Review | Eczema Skin - glamrika.com

Lastly, I slather my face with the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Face Butter. For my dry, flaky skin, a whipped buttery consistency is literally what I needed most. The first day using this product I knew it had the juice just by the way my makeup application went. Honey it was soo smooth! Not a single drop of foundation settled into my frown lines nor did my skin feel tight or look cakey throughout the day. As you can tell by my enthusiasm – I am very excited about this product, but nothing is perfect so it has some cons as well.

Cons: This moisturizer does not work well with the 100% argan oil. It is suggested to follow up with the oil after applying the moisturizer, but I notice that when I try that method everything starts pealing off of my face. It is best to apply the oil to your face while its a bit damp and then follow up with the moisturizer right after.

If anything, I can see the oil cleanser potentially becoming a staple product in my skincare regimen. As far as the other products, it is still too soon to tell.

Thanks for reading and please – I would love if someone could give me some feedback on the SPF issue.


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Get Rid of LARGE PORES | Jackie Aina YouTube Video Of The Week

Recently, I opened up to you all about my eczema journey, and my dry skin struggles. While my face still suffers from occasional dry patches, recently it has been leaning towards combination dry & oily skin. My T-zone area is always so oily now, and my pores are much larger and clogged with tiny whiteheads (eww)

It’s turning into a real struggle when I apply my makeup because my textured skin is now visible. Being the basic chick that I am, I searched through YouTube to find answers. As always, my girl Jackie Aina PULLED THROUGH WITH THE ANSWERS!

Jackie went into great detail to explain why we sometimes go through oily phases in our skin and products and cleaning techniques we can use to combat them. On fleek makeup is NOTHING without a solid skincare routine.

If you have been struggling with large pores and oily skin, then I would highly suggest watching this video. I can honestly say I’ve learned so much, and I can’t wait to test her theories and see real results with my own skin.


Eczema Journey | WARNING The Pictures Are Intense…

I realize now that I made a blog post all about my current skincare routine without going into detail about my eczema journey. Yes, I do have eczema but it is not the kind you hear people mildly complain about on a day to day basis.  My case was, and still is, a bit more severe.

DISCLAIMER: These photos may be a bit much for some people. View at your own risk… Also, they were taken a hot second ago so they may be a bit fuzzy.

When I was about 16 I started to notice dark, dry patches forming around my mouth, nose and eyebrow area. My mom setup an appointment at a basic walk in clinic (not a dermatologist for whatever reason…) to get the situation looked at. The doctor concluded that it was mild eczema, gave me a cream, and warned me not to use too much unless I wanted my skin bleached. Cool story bro, case closed…

SIKE!! It only goes down hill from here.

Fast forward a few years later. I finally completed my first year of college and things were feeling pretty good. My facial eczema had seen some better days, but I switched up my moisturizers and started using Gold Bond lotion on my body. I mean it’s Gold Bond, would the commercials really lie to me? I was fortunate enough to land my first on campus job, which required me to move into my dorm before the academic year started. The job was more than a job, it was a student leadership position that required a lot of time and effort. I was beyond excited to start the program y’all, my energy level was on 10!


Awww! Look at 19 year-old Rika! I believe this is the first day of Sophmore year.

A few days later, I notice what looked to be a pimple on the middle of my arm. A pimple. On my arm…A pimple? WHY WOULD THERE BE A PIMPLE ON MY ARM? (actual thoughts from my brain at that time). – See the thing is, I rarely get pimples. I may get one or two a year, but that is really it, so I was kind of confused. I decided to ignore the pimple and to keep focusing on training for this leadership position (mistake #1).


The first “pimple” and a couple of others that joined the party.

The days passed, everyone moved back on campus and the academic year had started. My classes, studies and this new job took up a lot of my time. Looking back on it, I was pretty worn out and stressed but I was too busy enjoying the flames to notice that I was in hell (did I tell you I was a bit dramatic?). The busier I got, the more these little pimples began to multiply and itch…and spread, and grow. Something was defiantly going on and it was NOT acne. Like any other grown, sophisticated young adult would do, I called my mom and sent her pictures. She was freaking out and so was I! I waited entirely too long to inform her of my condition and it was rapidly getting worse (mistake #2).


More “pimples” on my inner thigh


You can see why my mom was freaking out…

The pimples turned into a rash and that mother f*cker was spreading everywhere. My scalp and ears were pealing like a reptile shedding its skin. My mom took me to a urgent care clinic. Doctor assumed it was Psoriasis and recommended a dermatologist. That dermatologist was booked solid for weeks at a time, so I had to wait another week until I could visit my mom’s dermatologist. A week of suffering and an expanding rash later, my moms dermatologist did not know what was going on, but he knew for a fact that it was not Psoriasis. His assumption was that it was just a random rash that got way too inflamed. He gave me a shot, tons of scalp and skin creams, and advice on how to clear up my new spots.

I realize that up until this point, I have not really mentioned my eczema but I promise it is all about to come full circle.


Medium stage of the rash


I was so afraid to shave my legs LOL LOL LOL!


After the rash, the scaring cleared up in some areas. The folds of the arm remained patchy the longest. The scaring got darker and dryer before turning into a general eczema spot.

Post rash my skin was rash-less, but it did not return back to normal. My skin was just so parched now and non of my previous moisturizers could quench it. I had tons of new eczema patches on my face and body and they were R O U G H. My scalp was so dry and 10x flakier than usual. I personally feel like that random rash triggered my eczema to get worse(see, full circle). The stressful school year and job position made things no better either. On occasion I still experience eczema breakouts. They are milder than the pictures, but still an inconvenience non the less. Skincare is a struggle bruh.


Post rash skin: Inflammation has stopped and all that is left is scaring. Even after applying the creams from the dermatologist my skin looks dry and cracked. #NothingWasTheSame

Time has passed and after spending tons of money on new products, two haircuts from an extremely dry scalp that caused hair loss (that story is for a different post), and five more dermatologist appointments later, I am still hanging in there. I’ve finally found a regimen that works for me. My skin is more hydrated and radiant than it has been in a while, for this I am grateful. All things considered, I learned 3 valuable lessons:


I should have BEEN called my mom when I noticed the first “pimple” and thought it looked out of place.


It could be a new school year, a new job, hell even a new house – but nothing is more important than your health. I should have put my studies and job on hold so I could have a more flexible schedule for dermatologist appointments.


I never realized how damaging stress could be on my health until the initial rash, and other, more mild eczema breakouts post rash. There is nothing wrong with the thrill of living a busy lifestyle, but it is a problem if it compromises your health.

Pick yourself, always.

If you’re still rocking with me after this long blog post, then you are the real MVP. Let me know in the comment section if you have eczema, and what products help you manage it best.




Eczema Body Care Routine | Lush Cosmetics

Dry, itchy, inflamed and flaky skin is not something you go around glamorizing. For a long time I suffered in silence, until I finally exploded. Last years eczema episode was the last straw for me. I heard plenty of great reviews about Lush Cosmetics through the grape vine and decided to give them a try. Angels on Bare Skin and Dream Cream were recommended to me by the Lush employees and I have never looked back since. If you have sensitive, flaky, eczema prone skin I would HIGHLY advise you to keep reading.

Angels on Bare Skin: I use this gentle exfoliating cleanser as an all over body scrub. This product buffs away all of my dry, flaky skin and makes way for soft glowing skin. The best part about this product is that it has lavender in it. Lavender helps to even out your skin tone = goodbye dark spotty patches. The lavender also helps with the smell of the product, not that it is a bad odor, but it smells very natural, not floral or fragrant like other soaps. Before using Angels on Bare Skin, my skin would instantly become dry and irritated after a shower. Now I leave the shower feeling instantly hydrated and smooth. If I am having eczema breakouts on my face, I use this scrub as well. It is gentle enough to use on your face and body which is great because it helps me stretch my dollars.

How To Apply:

  • Take a small handful of product and dampen it with the shower water
  • Roll product into a ball
  • Roll the ball of product all over your body in a circular motion, paying extra attention to dry patches.

Dream Cream: Hands down the BEST lotion I have ever tried. I feel like my skin is literally drinking this product. It sinks into my skin and leaves it looking instantly hydrated. It is not greasy nor does it adds unnecessary shine. Your skin will naturally glow. My favorite thing about this product is the longevity. It last all day and even when you stretch or twist you will not have that dry itch feeling like you need to put more lotion on.

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner: I decided to try this on my own after reading several reviews. Although my skin had begun to improve drastically by using Angels on Bare Skin and Dream Cream, I was still running into some irritation issues when I would try to shave my legs or armpits in the shower (there is no such thing as TMI when it comes to beauty blogs). After shaving, my legs would be so damn itchy and would even burn when I put lotion on. The shower smoothie is essentially conditioner for your body. After you wash your body, apply the shower smoothie as lotion and rinse. I adore the smell of this product, and how it gives my skin a lot of slip. My legs and armpits no longer feel irritated after a shave, and my skin is so hydrated that using lotion becomes optional (gasp!)

I SWEAR by Lush Cosmetics because (so far) these are the only products that have given me true results. I have even used prescription lotions and creams from the dermatologist and NONE have gotten my skin as soft and glowy as Lush has. My only downside is the price. It is expensive to keep up this regimen but I know if I don’t, I will be forced to deal with awful skin. I would rather bite the bullet, spend the money and live a stress free life (dramatic but true).

Have you tried any Lush Cosmetic products for your eczema? If so, what works for you?

Be sure to comment below and share this post with any friends or family to are also battling eczema.