The Cleansing Oil To Replace All Cleansing Oils

All great beauty blog post start with a shopping trip, and this one is no different. The day before Christmas Eve, while I was supposed to be out grabbing any last minute gifts for my loved ones, I somehow found myself inside of Sephora browsing the skincare section.

Backstory – I have eczema and it is not a mild case. Read up on my skincare journey here.

Because of this, I am always on the hunt for quality skincare products that can hydrate my skin and help it retain moister over time.


The sales associate that I had the pleasure of speaking with, is the skincare expert for the store. He explained to me that double cleansing with an oil based cleanser at night could really help my skin retain moister over time. In the past, I have used the Jose Marin oil cleanser and sampled other brands as well. Even though I was a fan of the concept, the oil always seemed too thick and globby and I never felt like my skin was as clean as it could be. Homeboy assured me that Biossance could offer me different results.

In it’s origin, Biossance started out as a third party distributer of Squalane. According to the Biossance website, “Squa-lane comes from Squa-lene…Squalene is part of our skin’s natural moister”. Because of its unstable nature, as we get older our Squalene production decreases. Biossances cultivates their squalane from sugarcane making it 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable. The best part is that all Biossances products contain their Squalane, including their cleansing oil.


The Biossance cleansing oil is full of antioxidants and formulate to remove your makeup and clean your face. The first thing I noticed about this oil that set it apart from others is how thin it felt. The thin consistency of the oil provided it with way more slip than others I have tried in the past making it that much easier to work the product into my face and break down my makeup. Upon the first use I noticed instantly that my face truly felt clean and supple without a thick film of oil residue left on my face. My favorite part of the cleansing experience is how my Sunday Riley U.F.O oil serum felt on my skin shortly after washing with the cleansing oil. Like no joke, the serum just slipped right into my skin and everything felt like butter. As usual, I followed up with my favorite moisturizer and again, there was so much slip and my skin felt like butter. My face felt so smooth, supple, plump and hydrated and I really do have Biossance to thank for that.

I’ve been using the cleansing oil for a good 3 weeks now consistently and I have noticed that my skin is retaining more moisture (especially in this cold weather we got going on in Chicago. Last week we were in the negatives!). Only time will tell if it is worth it in the long run, but for now the cleansing oil is doing all that it advertises it can do.

Is this your first time hearing about Biossance or are you a fan on the brand?



Top 9 Best in Beauty 2017 | GLAMRIKA.COM

 2017 was a great year for beauty. Here are my top 9 picks.
 Thanks to this lip mask, I have had pillow soft lips all year. I use it day and night and even under matte lipsticks for extra hydration.
 I am extremely picky when it comes to liquid lipstick formulas but I think Dior has managed to master it. Drying down to a matte finish without drying out my lips, and still delivering a full coverage color payoff. Since this product has joined my makeup collection, I’ve worn it almost everyday.

Yoooo, the mag metal eyeshadows have changed my life completely! Seriously, I cannot get enough. So far I just have the bronze color but I can’t wait to add more to my makeup collection. These glitter, liquid eyeshadows stay put for hours and hours on end which is perfect for my hooded, oily eyelids.

Top 9 Best In Beauty 2017 | GLAMRIKA.COM

Warm toned eyeshadow palettes were a huge trend in 2017, but honestly I think its a signature that is going to stick with me for a long time. I absolutely adored the Urban Decay Naked Heat eyeshadow palette. The sunset hughes just coordinate so beautifully against my skin tone which is why this palette has become my favorite one to travel with, and my go-to for everyday looks.



Admittedly, I am not even a lip gloss person. The only reason I purchased this product was because Rihanna’s name was on it and I felt like flexing (lol). But honestly, I am so happy I snagged this bad boy. Finally, a not sticky gloss in a universal rose gold color that makes my lips look juicy but not over done. This gloss has become my everyday staple.


Top 9 Best in Beauty 2017 | GLAMRIKA.COM
The Exfolikate cleanser is more than just a 2017 favorite, it is also a staple product in my skincare regimen. I’ve never been in contact with a cleanser that has conditioned my face all while dissolving away all of my flaky areas and dry patches. It is a product that I’ve noticed short term, and long term results of healthy, glowing skin and I am excited to have finally found something that actually works.
Our fingers and botanical cleansers cannot do the job alone, especially for a cake face girl like myself. Did some research, and I decided to invest in a clarisonic at the beginning of 2017. It has easily been one of my best (and favorite) beauty investments. I’ve noticed a major improvement in my skin texture, and a decline in clogged pores all thanks to this adorable pink gadget. I use it 2 times a week, paired with the ExfoliKate cleanser.
Top 9 Best in Beauty | GLAMRIKA.COM
I never knew it was possible to fill in my brows in two minuets (no joke!) but this Dior Brow Styler is living truth to my testimony. This double ended brow pencil has the tiniest tip I have ever seen, constructed to mimic the hair like strokes of microblading. My favorite part, its a non shiny formula so my brows look extremely realistic when filled in.



Top 9 Best in Beauty | GLAMRIKA.COM

This clarifying oil serum from Sunday Riley has been the corner stone of my skincare progress. Although this serum is formulated for oily skin types, I’ve noticed that the driest patches on my face reside on my oil glands. I feel like this serum has helped to hydrate my skin, all while balancing out oil production as well as declog my pores. Its a win all around.

There you have it, my top 9 picks from 2017. Excited to try new products and share my results with you all in the new year.


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Black & Bright |Style Inspiration

Black & Bright | GLAMRIKA.COMBlack & Bright | GLAMRIKA.COMBlack & Bright | GLAMRIKA.COMBlack & Bright | GLAMRIKA.COMBlack & Bright | GLAMRIKA.COM

As usual, Chicago weather is all over the place but the temperature is finally dropping which means I can embrace all that Fall fashion has to offer. In the past, I would keep my Fall wardrobe very dark and edgy but lately I’ve been inspired and want to keep my pieces simple yet girly. I feel like I achieved that in this look since the leather jacket and short haircut gives it an edge while my high waisted jeans and lavender bejeweled booties keeps things feminine.

Shirt & High waist jeans – Akira

Leather jacket -H&M

Shoes – Zara


4 Fast Tips To Help You Find Your Signature Fragrance | (Quiz Inside!)

4 Fast Tips To Help You Find A Signature Fragrance (Quiz Inside!) | GLAMRIKA.COM

Growing up, I always looked up to my mama for being one of the most put together, bad ass females in my life. You would rarely catch my mother outside of the house looking a raggedy mess. Her hair was aways styled, nails always done, makeup always complete and a spritz or two of her Burberry perfume always lingered close beside her as she set out to complete her daily errands. That is the #bossgirl aesthetic I looked up to and the one that is ingrained in my own personal definition of what it means to be a women -handling all of the worlds bullshit, in style.

Now that I am coming into my own as a full time functioning adult (eww) I know that I want to continue my mothers legacy by looking put together and smelling wonderful as well. The only problem is that I knew nothing about perfume, or where to begin shopping for a signature fragrance. This past weekend, I took myself on a shopping spree and I was determined to purchase a signature fragrance of my own. Along the way, I learned quite a bit and decided to share my new found knowledge with you all in this blog post.

1. Budget

Perfume is an investment and at minimum you will be spending $50+ so be sure to stack your pennies before going out to shop for a fragrance.

2. Scents in Category

To help your search – perfume is usually broken up into four categories:

  • Floral
  • Fresh
  • Warm & Spicy
  • Earthy & Woody

If you know which category you gravitate towards naturally, then shopping for a fragrance should be a bit easier for you since you can just stick within your category.

3. Sephora Fragrance IQ Test

I used to work for Sephora at one point so I know I’m pretty bias, but I absolutely love starting my beauty search there. Luckily in store (and online right here) Sephora has developed a fragrance iq test that you can take to discover some new scents. Once you have answered a few questions, it gives you a handful of perfume recommendations to look into.

I took this test in store and Chanel no 5 was the 3rd recommendation on my list. I was able to smell the perfume right there and decided to go for it.

4. Smell The Perfume On Yourself

I had no clue that perfume actually smell different on each individual person. What I should have done was smell the perfume on myself while I was at Sephora, but I made the mistake of only smelling it on the sample paper and running to the cashier. Now, I got lucky because the next day when I wore the fragrance I fell even more in love with it paired with my own natural scent. Even so – I still would recommend spraying a bit on yourself before you purchase.

That is it from me! What was the #1 perfume recommendation from your test results?


Fall Chocolate is Metallic | Makeup of the Day

Fall Chocolate is Metallic | Makeup of the Day | glamrika.comFall Chocolate is Metallic | Makeup of the Day | glamrika.comMetallic makeup isn’t slowing down anytime soon and I am totally here for it.

▫️Brows: BH cosmetics ultimate brow palette

▫️Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Heat palette

▫️Lashes: Sephora x  House of Lashes in Natalia

▫️Foundation: Urban Decay naked skin foundation (shade 11.0) mixed with Loreal True Match foundation (shade n8)

▫️Concealer: Nars soft matte (shade amande) set with Laura Mercier translucent powder

▫️Contour: Iman cosmetics stick foundation (shade earth 7) set with Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit (tan/deep)

▫️Lips: Beauty Bakerie x Gabby Douglas liquid lipstick in hazelnut swirl

▫️Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero glow kit (shades day dream and glow getter)


Pumpkin Spice | Makeup of the Day

Pumpkin Spice | Makeup of the Day | glamrika.comPumpkin Spice | Makeup of the Day | glamrika.comPumpkin Spice | Makeup of the Day | glamrika.comPumpkin Spice | Makeup of the Day |
Pumpkin spice 😋🎃


•Fenty beauty pro filter primer

•Fenty Beauty pro filer foundation (shade 420)

•Fenty Beauty match stix (for concealer – shade latte). I put a light layer of Too Facedborn this way concealer on top for more coverage (shade deep tan)

•Concealer set with Too Faced Born this Way translucent powder

•Foundation set with CoverFX deep translucent powder

•Fenty Beauty match stix (shade truffle) to contour


•Tarteist pro palette (whimsy and edgy in the crease)

•Stila mag metals (shade bronzed bell) on the lid.

• shimmer shadow (shade tangerine light) on the lid



•Fenty Beauty killawatt highlighter (shade trophy wife)

•NARS power Matte lip pigment (shade slow ride)

•Mario Badescu rose water to set it all 👏🏽


Cozy & Sexy |Fall Fashion Look

Cozy and Sexy | Fall Fashion | glamrika.comCozy and Sexy | Fall Fashion Look | Glamrika.comCozy and Sexy | Fall Fashion Look |

The weather has BARELY dropped and I’m already rocking booties and a cardigan. Fall fashion always gets me so hype so I’m really excited that we are so close to September, crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice everything. If I actually went out while wearing this outfit, instead of just throwing it together to snap a few pics, then it would probably be to go to a nice bar with my girlfriends. This look is otherwise pretty casual, but the deep v-neck bodysuits turns the sex appeal all the way up. Plus, the jersey material will suck everything in and shape your body nicely. The grey knit cardigan keeps things cozy all while the high-waist, dark denim jeans and black booties bring on the Fall vibes.

Top | Jeans | Booties – all from Akira

Cardigan – from H&M