Makeup Of The Day #9

Makeup of the Day #9 | GLAMRIKA.COMMakeup of the Day #9 | GLAMRIKA.COMMakeup of the Day #9 | GLAMRIKA.COMMakeup of the Day #9 | GLAMRIKA.COM

Makeup of the Day #9 | GLAMRIKA.COM

The process is long and messy, but so worth it #BakeBakeBake


Details listed below on my Instagram mini tutorial.


My Wash & Go Must Haves!


I am not a rookie to the natural hair lifestyle. I’ve been natural since about 2010 and I’ve been enjoying the twa (teenie wennie afro) phase ever since.

With all that being said, I’ve tried plenty of natural hair products and the list below is by far, my favorite wash and go products of all time. These products give me a flake free, soft and hydrated hold on my curls.

Shea Moisture – Manuka Honey & Yogurt deep conditioner

I deep condition my hair with every wash. I have really dry hair and a flaky scalp so I try to get as much moisture in my hair as I can. This deep conditioner from Shea Moisture is a miracle worker. It leaves my hair feeling pillow soft, easy to detangle and it smells amazing. Because this deep conditioner is packed with protein, it also helps to strengthen my hair over time and I can really feel the difference in how thick my hair has gotten as it grows out.

Alikay Naturals – Essential 17 hair growth oil

Originally I only bought this oil because it was cheap at CVS, but now I continue to use this oil because of the way it feels on my scalp. A little goes a long way, but because this formula is just a mixture of every amazing oil of all time, I find that it hydrates my scalps and gives my hair a health shine without being too weighed down. Also – the applicator makes it easy to go directly apply the oil to my scalp.

Carols Daughter – Marguerite’s Magic restorative cream

This restorative cream from Carols Daughter has been my ride or die since I’ve been natural. Back when I used to color my hair blonde and would straighten my hair religiously, this cream would restore my curls and combat any breakage I caused. Till this day I use it in my wash and go routine to hydrate my hair and in my twist out routine to define my curls.

Taliah Waajid – Curly Curl Cream

Another curly cream that I bought because it was on sale at CVS has now become my absolute go to for wash and go days. It gives me the definition that I need to have some popping, frizz free curls without the crunch or flakes that other curly creams tend to have. It feels more like a puddy and it leaves ZERO white residue in my hair.


More of a visual learner? Watch how I use all of these products in my Wash and Go Get Ready With Me video


Makeup Of The Day #8

Makeup of the Day #8Makeup of the Day #8 | GLAMRIKA.COMMakeup of the Day | GLAMRIKA.COMMakeup of the Day | GLAMRIKA.COM

Growing up I was extremely anti lipgloss. I was not a fan of the sticky / tacky feeling and residue it left behind, nor was I a fan of how all of the shine and glitter emphasized my already full lips. Now things have changed, and I see the beauty in how effortless lip gloss is. Its shine and subtle color can really complete a look, and the lipgloss I used in this look is clearly the star of the show.


Fenty Beauty – Pro Filter Foundation (shade #420)

Too Faced – Born This Way concealer

Nars – Velvet Matte Foundation Stick (shade Dark 4 to contour)


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

Channel – Le Volume Mascara


Fenty Beauty – Gloss Bomb (paired with a brown lipliner)



Spring Fashion & Makeup Mood Board

When it comes to inspiration, I can find it pretty much anywhere. Magazine editorials, YouTube videos, fashion bloggers, Instagram and even just driving around the city of Chicago, can spark my next idea for a blog post or a photoshoot. The only problem is that far too often I find my thoughts racing and it can be really difficult to organize the vision.  No one ever said the road to creativity would be easy, but they did say it can be organized.

Vision boards have been my new favorite way to get my ideas out of my head and unto an organized college. My mood boards act as a blueprint to each project I want to create and today I will be sharing with you all the vibe and aesthetic I want to ooze this spring.

Board #1 | Spring Style

Spring Fashion and Makeup Mood Board | GLAMRIKA.COM

Solange is a huge style inspiration for me (2, 3, 7). I love how she always mixes patterns and textures, as well as how all of her pops of colors are muted. This spring I want to play around with sun glasses which is an accessory I usually stay away from. Solange paired every look with a chunky, colorful sunny #mood.  Dolce & Gabbana is known for its fiery femininity, which is something I want to channel in my fashion and style (9). I am a huge fan of wearing monochromatic looks, but for spring I thought it would be cool to do so with muted colors and pastels (4,6). Gossip Girl and Scream Queens (1,5) are two TV shows that have shaped my fashion taste buds. Not to mention that Blaire Waldorf and Channel Oberlin are both bad b*tches and I am always inspired by their psychotic confidence lol.

Board #2 | Makeup

Spring Fashion and Makeup Mood Board | GLAMRIKA.COM

It’s no secret that glowy skin(6) and pastels(4) are forever going to be the spring makeup trend, but I needed to see how these would realistically play out in a makeup look outside of editorial fashion magazines(3). I want to stay within the pastel pink and leafy green color palette all while making the looks a bit more dramatic and full glam (1,2,5,7).

Board #3 | Instagram Aesthetic

Spring Fashion and Makeup Mood Board | GLAMRIKA.COM

Sometimes my Instagram page takes on a life of its own, and I can have trouble creating visuals that follow my original theme. This mood board is inspiration for how I want to stage my visuals and take my makeup photos this spring. Most importantly its a reminder to keep things as bright and as pink as I possibly can.

It is safe to say that mood boards are my new ish. It has really helped me narrow down my ideas and get them out of my head. Hopefully this post has inspired you to go out and create your own mood boards so you can get to creating some amazing content.


Style Inspiration #4 | Athleasure in Adidas

Style Inspiration #4 | Athleasure in Adidas | GLAMRIKA.COMStyle Inspiration #4 | Athleasure in Adidas | GLAMRIKA.COMStyle Inspiration #4 | Athleasure in Adidas | GLAMRIKA.COMStyle Inspiration #4 | Athleasure in Adidas | GLAMRIKA.COMStyle Inspiration #4 | Athleasure in Adidas | GLAMRIKA.COM

When it comes to my personal style, I honestly just wear whatever I feel like wearing. I rarely stick within a particular theme. I have always been a fan of wearing oversized hoodies and sweats, so I’m happy that in recent years it has become more accepted and stylish. Athleasure is literally my new favorite way to dress when I have to go run errands, go to the airport or just want to lounge around on my day off.


TOP – Adidas crew neck sweater paired with a black Betsy Johnson velour hoodie. The crew neck sweater is cute on its own, but I felt like something was missing. Pairing it with a hoodie helped to pull everything together.

BOTTOM – Adidas velour track pants. Cozy and warm. Be sure to keep a lent roller on standby though because these pants literally attract everything.

SHOES – Adidas EQT AVD/91-16. I usually ONLY wear these shoes to workout in, but they were the only sneakers I had that could complete the look. My Adidas original superstars were not cutting it.


Makeup Of The Day #7

Makeup Of The Day #7 | GLAMRIKA.COM

Makeup of the Day #7 | GLAMRIKA.COM

Makeup of the Day #7 | GLAMRIKA.COM

In an effort to do something outside of my usual, I paired this monochromatic orange makeup look with a pop of metallic royal blue eyeshadow to smoke out the lower lash line. Save this look to your Pinterest board so you don’t lose it!


Fenty Beauty – pro filter foundation – shade #420

Too Faced – Born This Way concealer

Nars – Velvet Matte Foundation Stick (to contour) – shade Dark 4

Sephora – Microsmooth Powder

Fenty Beauty – Trophy Wife Highlighter


Nars – Power Matte Lipstain – shade slow ride

Nars – lipgloss – shade Greek Holiday




46 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

46 Beauty Blog Post Ideas | GLAMRIKA.COM

The start of this new year came with a great wave of creativity. This new found inspiration has helped me to plan future blog post that I will soon be sharing with you all here, on I have never been one to not share the love with you all. Below you will find a list of categories, as well as possible blog topics to accompany them. My goal for this blog post is to hopefully spark some inspiration within yourself to generate amazing beauty blog content for years to come.


  • Hair trends for Spring
  • Hair trends for Summer
  • Nail trends for Summer
  • Makeup trends for Spring
  • Makeup trends for Summer
  • Makeup trends for fall
  • Skincare technology – what is next?
  • Skincare trends for 2018
  • How will the beauty community evolve?
  • Instagram makeup trends for 2018
  • Youtube makeup trends for 2018
  • Celebrity makeup trends for 2018


  • Makeup I REFUSE to buy
  • Makeup I want to try
  • Makeup Brands I refuse to support
  • My favorite eyeshadow palettes
  • My favorite everyday lipsticks
  • My favorite vampy lipsticks
  • My favorite skincare mask under $___
  • The best IG beauty bloggers
  • My favorite Youtube Beauty Guru’s
  • Beauyt essentials you need to pack for your next trip
  • What’s in my gym makeup bag
  • What’s in my makeup bag
  • Minimalist makeup essentials
  • My favorite makeup brushes

Top 9 Best in Beauty | GLAMRIKA.COM

DIY’s / How To’s

  • How to find the best nail polish for your skin tone
  • DIY skincare mask
  • DIY hair mask
  • How to curl your hair like a champ
  • How to decorate your vanity
  • How to deep clean your eyeshadow palettes
  • How to deep clean your lipsticks
  • How to clean your makeup brushes
  • How to find your foundation shade
  • How to find the best foundation for your skin type
  • How to deep clean your hair styling tools
  • How to budget for high end makeup purchases


  • Makeup of the day look
  • Skincare mask of the week
  • Why I started beauty blogging
  • Celeb beauty muse and why
  • Makeup challenges
  • Start a beginners makeup series
  • Start a pro makeup series (for people who are already great at makeup and want to challenge themselves and become better)

Let us all get to writing and creating the best content we possibly can this year. Wishing all of my fellow girl bosses, beauty bloggers, makeup mavens and content creators the best of luck!