My Wash & Go Must Haves!


I am not a rookie to the natural hair lifestyle. I’ve been natural since about 2010 and I’ve been enjoying the twa (teenie wennie afro) phase ever since.

With all that being said, I’ve tried plenty of natural hair products and the list below is by far, my favorite wash and go products of all time. These products give me a flake free, soft and hydrated hold on my curls.

Shea Moisture – Manuka Honey & Yogurt deep conditioner

I deep condition my hair with every wash. I have really dry hair and a flaky scalp so I try to get as much moisture in my hair as I can. This deep conditioner from Shea Moisture is a miracle worker. It leaves my hair feeling pillow soft, easy to detangle and it smells amazing. Because this deep conditioner is packed with protein, it also helps to strengthen my hair over time and I can really feel the difference in how thick my hair has gotten as it grows out.

Alikay Naturals – Essential 17 hair growth oil

Originally I only bought this oil because it was cheap at CVS, but now I continue to use this oil because of the way it feels on my scalp. A little goes a long way, but because this formula is just a mixture of every amazing oil of all time, I find that it hydrates my scalps and gives my hair a health shine without being too weighed down. Also – the applicator makes it easy to go directly apply the oil to my scalp.

Carols Daughter – Marguerite’s Magic restorative cream

This restorative cream from Carols Daughter has been my ride or die since I’ve been natural. Back when I used to color my hair blonde and would straighten my hair religiously, this cream would restore my curls and combat any breakage I caused. Till this day I use it in my wash and go routine to hydrate my hair and in my twist out routine to define my curls.

Taliah Waajid – Curly Curl Cream

Another curly cream that I bought because it was on sale at CVS has now become my absolute go to for wash and go days. It gives me the definition that I need to have some popping, frizz free curls without the crunch or flakes that other curly creams tend to have. It feels more like a puddy and it leaves ZERO white residue in my hair.


More of a visual learner? Watch how I use all of these products in my Wash and Go Get Ready With Me video



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