Spring Fashion & Makeup Mood Board

When it comes to inspiration, I can find it pretty much anywhere. Magazine editorials, YouTube videos, fashion bloggers, Instagram and even just driving around the city of Chicago, can spark my next idea for a blog post or a photoshoot. The only problem is that far too often I find my thoughts racing and it can be really difficult to organize the vision.  No one ever said the road to creativity would be easy, but they did say it can be organized.

Vision boards have been my new favorite way to get my ideas out of my head and unto an organized college. My mood boards act as a blueprint to each project I want to create and today I will be sharing with you all the vibe and aesthetic I want to ooze this spring.

Board #1 | Spring Style

Spring Fashion and Makeup Mood Board | GLAMRIKA.COM

Solange is a huge style inspiration for me (2, 3, 7). I love how she always mixes patterns and textures, as well as how all of her pops of colors are muted. This spring I want to play around with sun glasses which is an accessory I usually stay away from. Solange paired every look with a chunky, colorful sunny #mood.  Dolce & Gabbana is known for its fiery femininity, which is something I want to channel in my fashion and style (9). I am a huge fan of wearing monochromatic looks, but for spring I thought it would be cool to do so with muted colors and pastels (4,6). Gossip Girl and Scream Queens (1,5) are two TV shows that have shaped my fashion taste buds. Not to mention that Blaire Waldorf and Channel Oberlin are both bad b*tches and I am always inspired by their psychotic confidence lol.

Board #2 | Makeup

Spring Fashion and Makeup Mood Board | GLAMRIKA.COM

It’s no secret that glowy skin(6) and pastels(4) are forever going to be the spring makeup trend, but I needed to see how these would realistically play out in a makeup look outside of editorial fashion magazines(3). I want to stay within the pastel pink and leafy green color palette all while making the looks a bit more dramatic and full glam (1,2,5,7).

Board #3 | Instagram Aesthetic

Spring Fashion and Makeup Mood Board | GLAMRIKA.COM

Sometimes my Instagram page takes on a life of its own, and I can have trouble creating visuals that follow my original theme. This mood board is inspiration for how I want to stage my visuals and take my makeup photos this spring. Most importantly its a reminder to keep things as bright and as pink as I possibly can.

It is safe to say that mood boards are my new ish. It has really helped me narrow down my ideas and get them out of my head. Hopefully this post has inspired you to go out and create your own mood boards so you can get to creating some amazing content.



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