46 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

46 Beauty Blog Post Ideas | GLAMRIKA.COM

The start of this new year came with a great wave of creativity. This new found inspiration has helped me to plan future blog post that I will soon be sharing with you all here, on glamrika.com. I have never been one to not share the love with you all. Below you will find a list of categories, as well as possible blog topics to accompany them. My goal for this blog post is to hopefully spark some inspiration within yourself to generate amazing beauty blog content for years to come.


  • Hair trends for Spring
  • Hair trends for Summer
  • Nail trends for Summer
  • Makeup trends for Spring
  • Makeup trends for Summer
  • Makeup trends for fall
  • Skincare technology – what is next?
  • Skincare trends for 2018
  • How will the beauty community evolve?
  • Instagram makeup trends for 2018
  • Youtube makeup trends for 2018
  • Celebrity makeup trends for 2018


  • Makeup I REFUSE to buy
  • Makeup I want to try
  • Makeup Brands I refuse to support
  • My favorite eyeshadow palettes
  • My favorite everyday lipsticks
  • My favorite vampy lipsticks
  • My favorite skincare mask under $___
  • The best IG beauty bloggers
  • My favorite Youtube Beauty Guru’s
  • Beauyt essentials you need to pack for your next trip
  • What’s in my gym makeup bag
  • What’s in my makeup bag
  • Minimalist makeup essentials
  • My favorite makeup brushes

Top 9 Best in Beauty | GLAMRIKA.COM

DIY’s / How To’s

  • How to find the best nail polish for your skin tone
  • DIY skincare mask
  • DIY hair mask
  • How to curl your hair like a champ
  • How to decorate your vanity
  • How to deep clean your eyeshadow palettes
  • How to deep clean your lipsticks
  • How to clean your makeup brushes
  • How to find your foundation shade
  • How to find the best foundation for your skin type
  • How to deep clean your hair styling tools
  • How to budget for high end makeup purchases


  • Makeup of the day look
  • Skincare mask of the week
  • Why I started beauty blogging
  • Celeb beauty muse and why
  • Makeup challenges
  • Start a beginners makeup series
  • Start a pro makeup series (for people who are already great at makeup and want to challenge themselves and become better)

Let us all get to writing and creating the best content we possibly can this year. Wishing all of my fellow girl bosses, beauty bloggers, makeup mavens and content creators the best of luck!




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