The Cleansing Oil To Replace All Cleansing Oils

All great beauty blog post start with a shopping trip, and this one is no different. The day before Christmas Eve, while I was supposed to be out grabbing any last minute gifts for my loved ones, I somehow found myself inside of Sephora browsing the skincare section.

Backstory – I have eczema and it is not a mild case. Read up on my skincare journey here.

Because of this, I am always on the hunt for quality skincare products that can hydrate my skin and help it retain moister over time.The Cleansing Oil To Replace All Cleansing Oils | GLAMRIKA.COM

The sales associate that I had the pleasure of speaking with, is the skincare expert for the store. He explained to me that double cleansing with an oil based cleanser at night could really help my skin retain moister over time. In the past, I have used the Jose Marin oil cleanser and sampled other brands as well. Even though I was a fan of the concept, the oil always seemed too thick and globby and I never felt like my skin was as clean as it could be. Homeboy assured me that Biossance could offer me different results.

In it’s origin, Biossance started out as a third party distributer of Squalane. According to the Biossance website, “Squa-lane comes from Squa-lene…Squalene is part of our skin’s natural moister”. Because of its unstable nature, as we get older our Squalene production decreases. Biossances cultivates their squalane from sugarcane making it 100% environmentally friendly and sustainable. The best part is that all Biossances products contain their Squalane, including their cleansing oil.

The Cleansing Oil To Replace All Cleansing Oils | GLAMRIKA.COM

The Biossance cleansing oil is full of antioxidants and formulate to remove your makeup and clean your face. The first thing I noticed about this oil that set it apart from others is how thin it felt. The thin consistency of the oil provided it with way more slip than others I have tried in the past making it that much easier to work the product into my face and break down my makeup. Upon the first use I noticed instantly that my face truly felt clean and supple without a thick film of oil residue left on my face. My favorite part of the cleansing experience is how my Sunday Riley U.F.O oil serum felt on my skin shortly after washing with the cleansing oil. Like no joke, the serum just slipped right into my skin and everything felt like butter. As usual, I followed up with my favorite moisturizer and again, there was so much slip and my skin felt like butter. My face felt so smooth, supple, plump and hydrated and I really do have Biossance to thank for that.

I’ve been using the cleansing oil for a good 3 weeks now consistently and I have noticed that my skin is retaining more moisture (especially in this cold weather we got going on in Chicago. Last week we were in the negatives!). Only time will tell if it is worth it in the long run, but for now the cleansing oil is doing all that it advertises it can do.

Is this your first time hearing about Biossance or are you a fan on the brand?

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