4 Fast Tips To Help You Find Your Signature Fragrance | (Quiz Inside!)

4 Fast Tips To Help You Find A Signature Fragrance (Quiz Inside!) | GLAMRIKA.COM

Growing up, I always looked up to my mama for being one of the most put together, bad ass females in my life. You would rarely catch my mother outside of the house looking a raggedy mess. Her hair was aways styled, nails always done, makeup always complete and a spritz or two of her Burberry perfume always lingered close beside her as she set out to complete her daily errands. That is the #bossgirl aesthetic I looked up to and the one that is ingrained in my own personal definition of what it means to be a women -handling all of the worlds bullshit, in style.

Now that I am coming into my own as a full time functioning adult (eww) I know that I want to continue my mothers legacy by looking put together and smelling wonderful as well. The only problem is that I knew nothing about perfume, or where to begin shopping for a signature fragrance. This past weekend, I took myself on a shopping spree and I was determined to purchase a signature fragrance of my own. Along the way, I learned quite a bit and decided to share my new found knowledge with you all in this blog post.

1. Budget

Perfume is an investment and at minimum you will be spending $50+ so be sure to stack your pennies before going out to shop for a fragrance.

2. Scents in Category

To help your search – perfume is usually broken up into four categories:

  • Floral
  • Fresh
  • Warm & Spicy
  • Earthy & Woody

If you know which category you gravitate towards naturally, then shopping for a fragrance should be a bit easier for you since you can just stick within your category.

3. Sephora Fragrance IQ Test

I used to work for Sephora at one point so I know I’m pretty bias, but I absolutely love starting my beauty search there. Luckily in store (and online right here) Sephora has developed a fragrance iq test that you can take to discover some new scents. Once you have answered a few questions, it gives you a handful of perfume recommendations to look into.

I took this test in store and Chanel no 5 was the 3rd recommendation on my list. I was able to smell the perfume right there and decided to go for it.

4. Smell The Perfume On Yourself

I had no clue that perfume actually smell different on each individual person. What I should have done was smell the perfume on myself while I was at Sephora, but I made the mistake of only smelling it on the sample paper and running to the cashier. Now, I got lucky because the next day when I wore the fragrance I fell even more in love with it paired with my own natural scent. Even so – I still would recommend spraying a bit on yourself before you purchase.

That is it from me! What was the #1 perfume recommendation from your test results?



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