NEW NARS Stick Foundations?! | First Impressions Video

NEW NARS Stick Foundations?! | First Impressions Video |

Soooooo apparently NARS dropped some new stick foundations, but failed to make a major announcement. I found the Velvet Matte Stick Foundations at Sephora while I was randomly shopping for skin care products. I checked both websites (Sephora and NARS) and I checked out the NARS Instagram, but no real update could be found. Online it has a small buzz mostly being used at New York Fashion Week but that is really it. All I know for sure is that this is apart of the Fall 2017 collection. Maybe they will make an announcement after they are done marketing their new lip products.

In the mean time, you have me to give you that inside scoop before anyone else (you can thank me later). All of the details about the product specs, cost, formula and more can be found in the video below.

Also – do me a quick favor if you can. If you end up watching this video, please give it a thumbs up for me.

Thanks homies!



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