A Holy Grail Primer For Dry Skin?

Hello to all my flaky faced friends! Nothing ruins makeup more than dry patches and eczema spots. It is so annoy to pile on product after product only to have your face looking caky and dusty. Lately, this has been my reality, so I have been on the hunt trying new products to alleviate the problem.

Holy Grail Primer for Dry Skin? | glamrika.com

Admittedly, the Too Faced Hangover primer was an impulsive purchase, but truthfully I never thought about switching primers until I saw it hanging on the “beauty on the fly” counter before checkout. This product claims to be a replenishing face primer that is formulated to nourish the skin using coconut water, probiotic ingredients and no silicones. Having no silicones in a primer that is meant for dry skin is fantastic because silicones can make your dry patches look caky and textured.

After trying out the Hangover primer for myself, I noticed the creamy consistency of the primer glides unto the skin and dries to a light weight, tacky yet dewy finish. I feel like the tackiness gives your foundation something to grip instead of sinking directly into your skin and settling into the fine lines of your face. My skin does not feel tight once the primer has dried which is very important to me. I want my primer and moisturizer to be teammates not evil twins.

Holy Grail Primer for Dry Skin? | glamrika.com
Now lets clear up some confusion – this product is a primer, not a moisturizer and I would NOT recommend skipping your moisturizer and using this product as a substitute. It is not THAT hydrating. It gets the job done, and it blurs fine lines and pore without all of the cakyness that other primers have to offer.

All in all I would give this product 4/5 stars. The primer lives up to its statements and does not perform poorly, but its not perfect. When I run out there is no guarantee that I will be sprinting to Sephora to grab another batch. It is good enough until something else comes along…. whatever that is.


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