5 Reasons You Need To Break Up With Your Foundation NOW!

foundationOnce upon a time, I had a world win romance with a foundation product that was the star of anyone’s show. Its sleek and minimalist packaging paired with its full coverage yet, light weight formula was a match made in heaven. We fell in love instantly. I envisioned a future with this foundation filled with happily ever afters. But alas, our love was a fever – hot and heavy, but short lived.

There will be times when we all fall in instant love with foundation. Maybe it’s the hype, hell maybe its the price. Whatever it is, sometimes its a fog that is shielding our eyes from seeing the truth in the product. The truth, that we may be blind to, is that our foundation lover-boy really isn’t all that and a bag of chips.

If you have been noticing any of these classic breakup signs, it may be time to part ways and find a new product to love.

1 – It no longer matches your neck

This is only natural, and temporary as the seasons change. Luckily for you, this does not have to be a deal breaker. Just let it be known to your love that you would like to have a open relationship instead.

2 – It brings out your fine lines

Makeup should only age us in a positive way. It should take us from frumpy, dumpy 18 and fresh out of high school to grown and sexy 20 – 22.

If your foundation is settling into your fine lines and creasing, giving you that Happy 80th birthday look, it’s time to see other people. 

3 – It is bringing unwanted texture to your skin

This is a big one for me. Some of us may already have textured skin due to clogged pores, acne, eczema etc. A ideal foundation blurs and minimizes the appearance of the texture, not zooms in and gives it a layer of HD vision for the world to see! 

On the flip-side, if the foundation is drying your skin out and creating dry patches or bumps on your face you need to discontinue immediately.


Makeup will clog our pores, it’s just a fact of life. However, if your foundation is clogging your pores causing you to get super oily while wearing it EVEN AFTER you have done every scrub, mask and pore strip on Earth – it’s gotta go.

5 – Missing longevity

If your foundation has begun to fade or get oily a hour or two after application, its done. Return it, throw it away, burn it – I don’t care what you do, just be sure to stop wearing it.

My ex is Mr. Nars – All Day Luminous. I know, he’s a fan fav but we just didn’t work out. Who is the foundation lover-boy in your life that you have to part ways from?



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