21 Makeup Challenges to try in 2017

21 Makeup Challenges To Try

To be frank, I am a YouTube junkie. I love hopping from channel to channel and watching so many talented people, ooze passion as they create and showcase content handcrafted from their imagination. My jaw literally drops to all of the creative and challenging makeup looks that are done on YouTube. Somehow I am always amazed at how something seemingly complicated, challenging  or even disastrous, is able to be entertaining and cometic.

No matter if you are a beauty blogger, a YouTuber or someone who wants to practice and perfect your makeup technique, this list has a challenge to push you to the next level of your makeup journey.

1 – 30 day winged liner challenge 

2 – 30 days of smokey eye

Get creative! Not all smokey eyes are charcoal black or full glam.

3 – Makeup in the dark

4 – Boyfriend does my makeup

5 – Relative / best friend does my makeup

6 – Makeup like my mom challenge 

7 – No tools makeup challenge

8 – One brand makeup challenge

9 – Reverse makeup challenge

10 – Mix & Match makeup challenge

You need two bowls and paper for this challenge. One bowl should have pieces of paper labeled with makeup products (foundation, concealer, lipstick, ect.). The second bowl should have pieces of paper labeled with parts of the face (eyebrows, lips, cheeks, ect). Pick two pieces of paper from each bowl, apply makeup as directed until each bowl is empty. Enjoy your masterpiece!

11 – Concealer only makeup challenge

12 – Highlighter only makeup challenge

13 – Powder only makeup challenge

14 – Lipstick only makeup challenge

15 – Opposite hand makeup challenge 

16 – 30 days of makeup challenge

17 – Contour challenge 

Show us your most chiseled, carved and cut self. Go all out and heavy.

18 – One shade makeup challenge

19 – Blush only challenge

20 – 15 days of editorial makeup looks

21 – Celebrity Makeup Challenge

Need more inspiration? Check out my 46 Beauty Blog Post Ideas article to help spark some creativity as you plan out your blog content.





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