New Year, New Makeup |Sephora Haul


Whenever I receive Christmas money I try to be reasonable and rational about how I’m going to spend it. Most times I spend it on textbooks for the upcoming semester #yawn.

This year I spent that sh*t on makeup #TreatYoSelf

I logged into my Sephora account so quick! I literally felt like a rich person. I blew all of my Christmas money on makeup and in no way, shape or form am I mad about it. Minus a mini set of liquid lipsticks from colourpop, no one got me any makeup so I was a bit thirsty to feed my addiction.

Mainly I just wanted to stock up on a new contour kit and a new brow product. I am obsessed with eye shadow palettes so I had to grab a few of them too. ANDDD I really wanted to invest in some blush since I never wear any.

Being a VIP Rouge member at Sephora (hair flip), has its many perks. I was able to get flash 2 day shipping. My package took no time to get delivered.

Now on to the good stuff.

  1. Too Faced: Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

Yes, I am basic. Yes, I copped the sweet peach palette that every beauty blogger is raving about. Yes, it actually does smell like sweet peaches (sue me!).

Sephora Haul |

But seriously, it is beyond adorable. How could you expect me to see this palette online and NOT add it to cart? Spring will be here in no time and #glamrika has to stay ahead of the curve anyways so I bought it.

I have yet to play with this, but when I do! Just wait, you’ll see.

2. Tarte: Makeup Shayla Contour Kit

I could not go into the new year without supporting my makeup mama, Makeup Shayla. I love her and I’m so proud of all that she has accomplished. Working with a big brand is huge!

Sephora Haul |

I’ve only tried this palette twice and so far so good. The contour shades are cool toned, so it’s going to give you that “I haven’t eaten in 3 days” look.

 I have yet to try the blush & highlight shades but if they are as pigmented as the contour shades then I know it’s a winner.

3. Tarte: Pro Makeup Palette

Sephora Haul |

I’ve been dreaming of the moment where I could finally afford this palette and add it to my collection. I saw the colors at Sephora a while back and instantly had creative visions of the looks I could create with this.

4. Stila: Here Comes The Sun Set

This set was a impulsive “add to cart” moment. I was shopping around for one last thing (knowing I didn’t need anything else). It was on sale, and I took it as a sign from the summer god to grab this now so I can glow later.


The kit comes with a liquid luminizer, a bronzer, a creamy brown eyeliner pencil and a peachy lipgloss.

The liquid luminizer (no need to be fancy, it’s a highlighter) is on the lighter side, and isn’t as golden and bronzey as I thought, but  it still blends beautifully. I am putting this one to the side for now, just until the season changes.

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Definer

As much as I love dip brow by ABH, the product dries out and that can be so frustrating. Also, I feel like dip brow is so dark and defined. I kind of wanted something that was a bit more light weight and natural. So far, so good.

6. Nars: Narsissist Unfiltered Cheek Palette

I am almost too shook to even swatch this. The colors are popping. The packaging is stunning. The second I saw this online I knew I had to have it. Even if I end up hating this palette, I may still keep it around for decorative reasons (lol jk I love money too much).

Sephora Haul |

7. Too Faced: Chocolate Bar Eye Palette

Lately I’ve been experimenting with more color when I do my eye shadow, which is fine, but my heart belongs to neutral tones. I have had yet to really own a neutral palette and I am hoping that this one will become my go-to.


So far, I am satisfied with almost everything I purchased.



Even with all of my new additions, I still have storage space on my diy vanity.

I plan on updating this post sometime soon giving my review/1st impressions on the products. In the meantime, which items are you craving to try?

For me, its the sweet peach palette. It is so beautiful and I really hope it lives up to the hype.



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