Vanity Tour | Something Simple and Affordable


My makeup collection has finally reached a point where my tiny bathroom sink is no longer the move. I live in a studio apartment and although 400 sqft is very spacious in Chicago, I don’t have the luxury of space to invest in a all out, glamorous vanity (even though I would love one). To keep things airy, light and affordable, I decided to think creatively and design my own mini vanity.

The vision for my vanity was simple: keep it girly, glamorous and small, like the rest of my apartment décor. I wanted something that was light weight, making it easy to move around my apartment. I also wanted something versatile. I have to make the most out of all of my space which means every item of furniture has to live a double life. With all of that in mind, I set out to construct something that worked best for ME and my lifestyle #MajorKey


Now technically, the base of my self proclaimed vanity is just a shelf. The way I see it, when you buy something with your own money, it is whatever you want it to be. I purchased this shelf at target. The shelf has such a basic, yet practical design that I am sure it can be found anywhere, including your local thrift store.

The top two shelves store my personal makeup collection. The bottom right shelf stores my freelance makeup kit.The bottom left shelf stores items for cleaning and upkeep of the space. Yes, the bottom left is a bit of a eyesore but this is the aspect of “double life” that my vanity has to play.

I upcycled this mini bottle of patron into a vase (my flowers died before taking all of these pics) and I keep it surrounded by tea light candles and this super cute stone thing that I also got from target.


I secretly collect perfume samples from Sephora for decor purposes only (perfume gives me a huge headache). I just think the tiny bottles are too adorable! The stone jewelry holder against the minimalist glass bottle design was the statement piece I needed to transform the space. This piece is easily my favorite part of the vanity.



I received the acrylic makeup organizers as a Christmas gift last year. Even though acrylic organizers are harder to clean, I still prefer the transparent material because it doesn’t make the space feel cramped.



img_1717Lastly, I pair this white chair with a white faux sheep skin. This may not be the coziest chair in the universe, but again I needed something practical. Originally this chair was used as a dining chair, before I got rid of my table to save space.

img_1708For now, I use a mini hand held mirror to do my makeup at the vanity. In the future, I plan on adding a vanity mirror with some lights and hopefully a ton more makeup!




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