Get Rid of LARGE PORES | Jackie Aina YouTube Video Of The Week

Recently, I opened up to you all about my eczema journey, and my dry skin struggles. While my face still suffers from occasional dry patches, recently it has been leaning towards combination dry & oily skin. My T-zone area is always so oily now, and my pores are much larger and clogged with tiny whiteheads (eww)

It’s turning into a real struggle when I apply my makeup because my textured skin is now visible. Being the basic chick that I am, I searched through YouTube to find answers. As always, my girl Jackie Aina PULLED THROUGH WITH THE ANSWERS!

Jackie went into great detail to explain why we sometimes go through oily phases in our skin and products and cleaning techniques we can use to combat them. On fleek makeup is NOTHING without a solid skincare routine.

If you have been struggling with large pores and oily skin, then I would highly suggest watching this video. I can honestly say I’ve learned so much, and I can’t wait to test her theories and see real results with my own skin.



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