Halloween “Glam Gangsta” Look


I never much cared for Halloween, until I came to college. Halloween is also my anniversary which means, every year I have an excuse to have a over the top couples costume! This year, the costume idea was to be a bank robber, but somehow it turned into a “Glam Gangsta” (and I am not mad about it). I was trying to be unique and instead of wearing all black, I wanted to rock all pink.


I picked up this synthetic wig at my local beauty supply. It was originally a blue/grey color with black roots. I sprayed it with a pink temporary hairspray to match my all pink theme.


For my eyeshadow look, I used the Morphe Color Glam Palette in 35B. The flash on my camera makes the eyeshadow look a bit washed out and not as bright, but trust me, the pink on my eyes was in full effect. On the lids, I used a bit of rose gold glitter that came with a Too Faced eye shadow palette I bought a while back.

I paired this eye shadow with a thin winged eyeliner and these stunning lashes from Sephora. I also drew in a tiny tear drop (to mimic the gangsta look) and placed a touch of the rose gold glitter at the center.


For the lips I wanted something bright pink and bold. I used the Melted Matte Lipstick from Too Faced in the shade 1998. I can honestly say that this product was the driest, cakiest and flakiest liquid lipstick I have ever used. I will be returning it promptly…


To finish off the costume, I rocked a large pink t-shirt from the H&M mens section with my pink adidas hat, and tall booties from Akira. Of course I needed a pink bandana to keep it gangsta (duh).


My boyfriend wore his costume in all black. We looked like a great pair! Peep how my eye makeup is BOOMIN? I am seriously obsessed.

This has been one of my favorite makeup looks thus far. I can’t wait until next year so I can really create something that is over the top. Let me know, in the comment section, what you were for Halloween this year.



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